Weekly “Music Together” classes are offered in our infant, toddler and primary programs. The “Music Together” curriculum introduces children to songs from a variety of genres and styles’folk, blues, rock, jazz, classical, and world music. Body movement, songs, chants, rhythm patterns and instrumental play support the musical growth and classroom instruction.


Children begin weekly fine art classes in our primary program. They begin with basic technique, how to hold a paint brush, how to create lines and expand to learning about various artists and art mediums.


Our Christian curriculum is woven into our Montessori day in a loving, practical, age-appropriate way. Children learn about God’s love daily through music, sensory play and grace before meals. Children begin weekly Bible study in their third year of the primary program.


Kindergarten and third year primary students participate in weekly PE class. Their curriculum includes introduction to various physical activity and group games including folk dancing, bowling,yoga and more. In addition to healthy living our goals include fun, good sportsmanship, taking turns and an introduction to a variety of games.