Health & Safety


The best way to teach healthy habits is by living a healthy lifestyle. Lunches are thoughtfully planned and prepared daily to instill good nutrition as well as healthy eating habits for a lifetime. Fresh fruits and vegetables are served with every meal. The food we prepare is healthy, minimally processed and tastes great.

Our children participate in outdoor physical activity daily.  Beginning in kindergarten our students also participate in a weekly yoga and PE class.


Keeping your children safe is one of our top priorities. Each of our parents has a designated pin number for our keyless entry system. Parents are asked to keep their personal pin numbers confidential. Individuals picking up a child must be authorized in writing by the child’s authorized representative and must bring photo-ID and a car seat. All parents and authorized representatives must first check in/out with the front office staff. Every classroom has a list of each child’s authorized representatives.

We are a nut free school and all allergies are treated with care. A list of children and their specific allergies is posted in every classroom as well as the school kitchen and updated as needed. A First-Aid trained staff member is on campus at all times and all staff members are trained in Pediatric CPR and re-certify every 2 years.

“The child should live in an environment of beauty.”
– Maria Montessori